Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q’s for the 2018 race

(Updated 13th March 2018)

When is the race on?
The Blackwater 10 mile sponsored by Cavanagh’s of Fermoy will be held on Sunday May 20th 2018.

What time does it start?
The race will start at 11:00 am sharp.

How to enter
You can enter on line. (Please note there is a transaction fee payable for using this facility). Go to the ‘Register‘ page.

Can I enter by post?

How much is the race entry fee?
The entry fee for this year’s race is €25 which is inclusive of any online fees.

Can I enter on the day?
Yes, there will be limited entries taken on the day of the race for €25.

Where can I see a map of the course?
Details of the course can be seen here… https://blackwater10mile.wordpress.com/course/

Where are the race headquarters?
The Race Headquarters will be in in a Marquee on the Village Green. The Race HQ will be signposted on all major routes coming into Clondulane Village.

Will there be changing facilities available here?
There will be changing facilities provided in Clondulane Community Hall close to the Race Headquarters.

When will I get my number?
Due to increased postal charges and to ensure as much funds raised go to charities we will no longer mail race numbers in advance of the race.
Numbers can be collected the morning of the race in Race HQ from 10am.

What must I do with the chip?
Your chip will be attached to your race number. Do not bend or try to fold your number as this could damage your chip and you will not receive a time for your race.

Should I wear my number on the front or the back?
Your race number should always be worn on the front, on your singlet/t-shirt, not on your shorts. This will facilitate the reading of the chip at the finish line thus giving you an accurate time.

Can I transfer my number if I can’t run on the day?
Under no circumstances can you transfer your race number and if this occurs you will be denied entry in the future.

Are there refreshments after the race?
Yes there will be refreshments available after the race close to the Race Headquarters (signposted)

Can I wear an IPod/Mp3 player?
We do not allow runners to use I-pods or Mp3 players due to safety reasons. If this occurs you will be denied entry in the future.

Are there toilets by the start?

Does this race have an A.A.I. permit?
Yes this race does have an A.A.I. permit.

What are the prizes for the race?
not finalised

Who can I contact for help?
Contact Eddie O’Brien…go to the ‘Contact Page‘ for options.

Race Entry
Go to the ‘Register‘ page


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